The Proposal: Josh & Romina

Precisely three weeks before Josh planned on proposing to his Romina, he contacted me and asked if I would be willing to document their big day. I squealed with excitement. This was the perfect combination of all the things I loved: an incredible proposal for a sweet friend, a shiny ring, friends and family, and of course, celebratory dessert. I instantly said yes, and he filled me in on all the little details that would make it a perfect production.

On the morning of August 17th, I drove down to Louisville with some of my best friends. The car ride was filled with stories and laughs, and unbridled excitement that our friend Romina’s life would change forever later that day. Two hours zoomed by, and Rachel and I situated ourselves at the first stop of Romina’s scavenger hunt: Kroger’s protein bar isle. This is where Josh and Romina had spent hours early in their relationship.

DSC_0034DSC_0035 DSC_0040 DSC_0038

Just as Romina told us  the story of how she had been woken up by a letter from Josh,  Romina’s sister gave her the second letter of the day. At the bottom of each letter, Josh had written particular things he loved about Romina…

DSC_0048 DSC_0055 DSC_0054 DSC_0053 DSC_0051

Our next stop was Romina’s favorite dessert place, Orange Leaf.  Here, Josh’s parents surprised her with another letter!


As we  all conversed around the table with frozen yogurt held tightly in our hands, Josh’s mom laughed and said:

“Right after Josh met Romina for the first time before your first semester of school started, he called me. He said, ‘Mom…I found the girl I am going to marry,’ and I laughed and said, ‘Slow down…'”

Josh knew that no girl can engaged without fabulous nails…so the next stop was a nail salon, where Romina’s college friends surprised her!


What followed was a fourth note from Josh…


…in which he told her that it was time to go shopping for a new dress and some new shoes!



 BJ’s Brewhouse was next, where Josh & Romina had enjoyed many dinner dates filled with long conversations and delicious food. Here, waiting for Romina, were three of her graduate school friends!


As the day went on, Romina was getting more antsy, and couldn’t wait till she could finally see Josh.  But,  she was running a little ahead of schedule, so Fabi drove her to a friend’s house where she could change into her fabulous new dress. The rest of the crew went to Romina’s childhood home. Romina’s parents were incredibly warm and welcoming, and had prepared the most delicious feast for us.


In the beautiful backyard of Romina’s childhood home, I watched Josh as he faithfully prepared the site where he would later ask the most important question of his life.


Soon after, Romina arrived blindfolded, and was led  by her wonderful father to the front of her house. Here, her mother read her the final letter from Josh, and there wasn’t a single dry eye in the house. Romina’s father then walked her to the backyard…



….and celebration ensued the rest of the night!



Wishing you two a lifetime of happiness!

6 thoughts on “The Proposal: Josh & Romina

  1. Kelsey has told me about her friend Bhumi and what wonderful pictures she takes. She was right, you are a very talented photographer. You capture “feelings” in your photos, which really make them special. I’m sure there will be many fun photos in your Optometry Office some day. Good luck in school this year. Study hard, but always take some time out for a little fun.. I’m glad you girls have each other for support. Sue (Kelsey’s mom)

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